Welcome Comrade!

The Midwest Osftfront Airsoft (MOA) group is an informal umbrella organization consisting of two like-minded ww2 airsoft units, the 3rd Panzergrenadier Division (German) and the 198th Rifle Division (Soviet). Together we seek to grow the hobby of ww2 airsoft in the Midwest with a focus on eastern front-themed events. Both units possess a diverse armory and produce custom airsoft weaponry to further enhance the hobby. While adherence to eastern front impressions is preferred, other WW2 units are absolutely welcome to attend MOA events.

The 198th Rifle Division possesses a permanent game field in central Wisconsin, and the 3rd Panzergrenadier Division has a developing site in northeastern Wisconsin. A third site is available for games in Minnesota near the Twin Cities and is used several times yearly for a nominal fee. Other games are hosted on a donation requested basis. Membership is currently located in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois, and both groups collaborate via a private discussion forum. The MOA is also active in the larger WW2AA (World War 2 Airsoft Association).

WW2 airsoft is a young and vibrant hobby that attracts participants from reenacting and traditional/modern airsoft. The MOA's goal is to provide a home for both camps. Members looking for an immersive historical experience are encouraged to bring their impressions to a level on par with that of "stitch counting" reenactors, but those who are looking for a more casual "arrive and play" mentality are also welcome. Neither philosophy is wrong; they're just different. As long as you look the part, behave in a mature and gentlemanly fashion, and are always looking to improve your impression, you have a welcome home with the MOA.

The MOA is Non-Political

None of the units involved in the MOA are political in nature. Any behavior that condones fascism, communism or other intolerant views will result in permanent disqualification from the MOA. We are a group of historically-minded airsoft gamers and nothing more. If you're looking for communist or Nazi sympathizers, you are NOT in the right place. GO AWAY.