The 198th Rifle Division airsoft unit was formed in September, 2007. Realizing that there was a dearth of Red Army airsoft units operating in the Midwest Region of WW2AA, several members of the 198th Rifle Division RKKA reenactment unit equipped themselves with airsoft weaonry in hopes of filling this void. Having recruited from a longstanding WW2 reenactment unit, these members committed themselves to forming a premier Midwestern Red Army airsoft unit. They immediately set about (in conjunction with their sister unit, the 3rd Panzergrenadiers) to adopt high standards that could live side-by-side with the unit's primary goals of having fun and attracting like-minded new members.

The Midwest Ostfront private discussion board allows our members to interact and share ideas and information. We employ a democratic approach towards our members. Within each unit, rank, awards, standards and requirements are determined through collaborative means, which allows esprit de corps within the units to remain high. In the 198th, every comrade's voice is heard.

The current TO&E of the unit consists of a BA-64B armored car, one gas Broomhandle Mauser with detachable stock, two SGS Custom Airsoft PPSh-41 AEGs, two AGM MP40 AEGs, six SGS Custom Airsoft springer Mosin-Nagant carbines, a nerf-rocket bazooka, and an air-compressor-driven Goryunov SGM inline vortex "cloud cannon" for point defense. Planned additions include a DT AEG for the turret of the BA-64, an M1910 Maxim AEG on a wheeled mount, a DP AEG, and a crate of foam-padded sonic grenades. In addition, the unit has commissioned a custom built Mosin-Nagant 91/30 springer airsoft rifle.

The 198th Rifle Division aims at elevating the impression standards of WW2 airsofting in the Midwest, while staying focused on the primary purpose of having FUN! If you are an WW2 airsofter with an interest in the Red Army and the motivation to meet our simple requirements, then we are interested in hearing from you!