The 198th Rifle Division is always interested in recruiting additional members. Interested? If so, you must be:

1) 18 or older (minors can apply for membership but must be sponsored by an existing adult member of the 198th.)

2) All new members (recruits) applying for admission must have participated in at least one Midwest Ostfront event with other members of the 198th. No automatic memberships will be granted.

3) Our members are mature and share a love of history and WW2 airsoft reenacting. Our members are each personally committed to furthering the good impressions, appropriate period weaponry, tactical skills, esprit de corps, and friendly relations of the entire unit and their individual selves; as well as our sister unit, the 3rd Panzergrenadiers.

4) Members will follow orders from the squad serzhants and their designated assistant squad leaders as well as the platoon officer regarding matters pertaining to the unit while on the field of play; off-field, all members will ensure their discussions and/or forum posts regarding Midwest Ostfront Airsoft are intelligent, meaningful, and necessary.

5) Members must have the ability to commit to the purchase or manufacture of an appropriate WW2 Russian airsoft weapon and uniform impression, and be willing to assist new recruits in the improvement of their impressions. You do not need to have it all together as a beginner; however, we need to be reasonably certain that you are striving to assemble an outstanding impression.

6) Members will select a Russian-sounding name of their choosing and will construct an imaginary biography of their character once they are admitted to the discussion board. They will ensure that their avatar is a portrait shot in uniform. This is done to ensure unit uniformity. You are not required to maintain this on other sites but it is encouraged.

Midwest Ostfront Airsoft is slowly growing and developing into a premier WW2 Airsoft organization. Naturally, we want to select recruits with the same level of companionability, maturity and commitment our current members possess. If that sounds like you, then we're waiting to meet you.