The 3rd Panzergrenadier airsoft unit was formed in January, 2008. Realizing that there was a dearth of Heer airsoft units operating in the Midwest Region of WW2AA, several members of the 9th SS Panzer Division formed a new unit in hopes of filling this void. Having come from one of the oldest and longest standing WW2AA airsoft units, these members committed themselves to forming a premier Midwestern Heer airsoft unit. They immediately set about to adopt high standards that could live side-by-side with the unit's primary goals of having fun and accumulating members. Currently, the unit has members from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

A private discussion board allows members to interact and share ideas and information. It employs a democratic approach towards its members. Rank, awards, standards and requirements are determined through collabarative means which allow esprit de corps within the unit to remain high. In the 3rd PZGR you won't win every discussion but your input will be heard.

The current TO&E of the unit consists of a PaK 38 airsoft cannon, an Ultima/Shoei MG-42, two gas Shoei MP-44s, a pair of Viva MG-34 AEGs and custom builds such as an MP-41, and MP-3008. In addition, the unit has several members carrying custom-built K98 airsoft rifles. A panzerfaust which launches Nerf rockets helps against armor threats. Vehicle support is provided by a restored 1941 Ford troop truck and a 1938 Ford 1-Ton prime mover. A ground up build of a Sd.Kfz. 250/1 should see action in 2012 and possibly a BMW R-75 replica motorcycle with sidecar. This is all supported by realistic camp gear and settings that place you back in time.

The 3rd Panzergrenadier aims at elevating the professionalism of WW2 airsofting in the midwest, while staying focused on the primary purpose of having FUN! If you believe you are a WW2 airsofter with the motivation to be part of our future and meet our requirements, then we are interested in hearing from you.