The 3rd Pzgr is always interested in attracting additonal members. Interested? If so, you must be:

1) 18 or older (16 or 17 year olds can apply for membership but must be sponsored by an existing 3rd Pzgr adult member.)

2) All new members (recruits) applying for admission must have appeared at an event with other 3rd Pzgr members. No automatic memberships will be granted.

3) Our members are mature and have a love of history and WW2 airsoft reenacting. As such, there is a commitment to good impressions, weapons of the period, and ancillary contributions that each member of the unit makes.

4) Members will follow orders from the unit leaders and will ensure their posts are intelligent, meaningful, and necessary.

5) Prospective members must have the ability to commit to the purchase of a WW2 airsoft weapon and uniform impression. You do not need to have it all. However, we'll need to be reasonably certain that you are headed in that direction.

6) Members will select a German sounding name of their choosing and will construct an imaginary biography of their character once they are admitted to the discussion board. They will ensure that their avatar is a portrait shot in uniform. This is done to ensure unit uniformity. You are not required to maintain this on other sites but it is encouraged.

7) Members must attend events with clean shaven faces or with 1-3 days of "field growth" having directly come from a clean shave. Goatees, beards, and stylized "ticklers" are not allowed. Hair cuts should be short with no hair touching the ears.

Our unit is slowly growing and developing into a premier Airsoft WW2 organization. Naturally we want to select recruits with maturity and a commitment that our current members possess. If you want to be part of a truly elite unit you'll be expected to contribute and act elite. If that sounds like you, then we're waiting to meet you.