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started by: Aldrich

Posted by Aldrich on Aug. 24 2015,00:12
Please share any useful references regarding Ostwind here.  References can include anything from hand signals, to field skills.  If your reference is a webpage, please provide a link.  Please also make sure to clearly label your post by specifying both what it contains, and the side that the information pertains to.
Posted by Aldrich on Aug. 24 2015,00:18
Here are some good videos that I came across for the Russians.  They give a good breakdown on the different branches of the Red Army during WWII.  The first is on the general infantry, the second is on scouts, and the third is combat engineers.

Infantry:   < >



Posted by Rekkon on Aug. 24 2015,09:10
Heer hand signals.
< >

Posted by Ersatzjack on Aug. 24 2015,15:40
A couple of German tactics movies.

< >

< >

Posted by Aldrich on Mar. 28 2016,20:41
Here is a link to a collection of WWII era Russian food labels:

< >

Posted by gryphon on Apr. 20 2016,13:04
Click on the More... tab and explore the Helpful Files section:

< >

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