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Posted by Rekkon on Aug. 25 2015,15:21
A while back I sketched out a draft of gear for Ostwind.
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Basically I just took the Eastwind list and filled in German, Russian and Partisan categories as best I could from our existing equipment pages.  Ostwind's much shorter duration changes a few priorities, but in general this is just the stuff you need to live and fight in the field for two days without being a burden to your teammates.

If any of you want editing access, let me know, particularly for the Russian stuff since I do not know it all that well.

Posted by Aldrich on Aug. 26 2015,13:13
Here is a list I had made for myself for the Russian kit.  I edited a little bit to make it a generic packing list and included some additional roles at the end for anyone looking to go above and beyond.

Ostwind:  Europe 1944
Russian Packing List:

Basic Infantry loadout:  (19 items total)
Note:  The following items are required for a basic Russian infantry loadout.  Players should focus on having all these items before buying other items of kit.

1x Tunic:  M43 tunic is preferred.  M35 is also acceptable, but must have shoulder boards.
1x Pants:  M43 or M35 pants
1x White T-Shirt
1x Soft Cap:  Pilotka
1x Helmet:  ssh 40
1x Equipment Belt:  Rustic, plain solid leather belt, preferably with roller buckle, or canvas Russian belt.  No modern canvas, dress belts or plastic/chromed buckles!
1x Ammunition Pouches:  Nagant, Ppsh, Pps43, SVT, or DP magazine pouch.
1x Gas Mask Bag:  Gas mask is optional
1x Entrenching Tool With Cover
1x Canteen
1x Plash Palatka Rain Poncho/Tent:  Leather grommets highly preferred
1x Veshmeshok Backpack:  Postwar ones must have extra straps and exterior pocket removed to resemble WWII version.
1x Wool Blanket:  Any surplus wool blanket, solid colors preferred, avoid modern looking ones
1x Mess Kit:  Standard Russian mess pot.  Surplus “German style” ones are acceptable (Russian postwar ones can be found online for cheap)
1x Spoon:  Wood or simple metal spoon.
1x Boots:  “Sapogi” or jackboots (East German or Russian surplus are acceptable).  Or low boots
                 (surplus Russian, WWII US, or very plain leather ankle boots are ok.)
1x Puttees:  Only if wearing low boots.  WWI US doughboy puttees will work fine.
2x Sturdy pair of socks

Highly Recommended Items (Optional)
Note:  While optional, these items are recommended for your comfort and enjoyment of this event.
Extra Wool Blankets
Spare Boots
Spare Socks
Extra Plash Palatka
Telogreika or greatcoat jacket (greatcoats must be WWII version and be button-less in front.)
Spare Pants
Sewing Kit
Pillow:  Avoid modern looking pillowcases
Light:  Lantern/candle preferred, flashlight ok.  Modern flashlights must be hidden when not in use and cannot be used in game unless in emergency
Tin cup

Additional Kits:
Note:  These additional kits may be bought only after one has completed their basic infantry loadout.  While the items here are not required to be in one of the following roles, they add an extra element of realism to the game and are highly recommended.  

Note:  These items are only authorized to be worn during scouting patrols.

1x Amoeba Pattern, or Leaf Pattern camouflage suit.
1x Pistol holster with pistol

Note:  The following items are only authorized to be worn by snipers.

1x Amoeba Pattern, Leaf Pattern, or Mochalny Grass Suit
1x Scope for Rifle
1x Binoculars
1x Pistol Holster with Pistol

Machine Gunner:
Note:  The following items are only authorized to be worn by those manning a MG position

1x Amoeba Pattern, or Leaf Pattern camouflage suit.
1x Body Armor set.  (highly optional)
1x Pistol holster with pistol

Note:  These items are only authorized to be worn during sapper-related combat missions

1x Amoeba Pattern, or Leaf Pattern camouflage suit
1x Body Armor Set
1x Satchel charge/demolitions

Posted by ba64 on Dec. 03 2015,18:15
Everyone has had time to look over the list of gear needed for Ostwind 2016. Now is the time to start checking items off the list. I plan to hold a couple group sewing/planning meetings this winter in Neillsville.
Posted by Ersatzjack on Dec. 03 2015,23:18
I happen to have come across a couple of cots from 1941.  The canvas is still nice.  I'm keeping one to replace mine (it ripped open) but would sell the other for $30 if anyone is interested.
Posted by ba64 on Dec. 19 2015,17:49
There will be a "Sewing Party" to work on early war rucks, tent pole bags and rations for Ostwind. Both Soviet and German Infantry are welcome.

Jan.23rd, 2016
W6506 Sand Road, Neillsville WI. 54456 (my parents basement)
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

There will be uniforms and gear for sale and trade so bring any extras you want to get rid off. If anyone has ration labels, please make extra copies to hand out.

PM Boris with RSVPs by Jan.11th.

Posted by Aldrich on Dec. 20 2015,16:50
I will try my best to make it out to this.  I will bring my Russian tunic pattern.
Posted by ba64 on Jan. 05 2016,17:04
At the first sewing party we will:

1. Go over the basic infantry list.
2. Put together ration labels, boxes and mess kits.
3. Work on ruck packs, tent poles and bags.

This is open to all Ostwind/MOA members.

Posted by ba64 on Jan. 16 2016,18:49
I will have Soviet style tent poles, pegs and bags for sale $5.00 per set at the Jan.23rd sewing/Ostwind meeting.

RSVP by Tue.19th so I'll know how much stuff to bring.

Posted by ba64 on Apr. 29 2016,17:27
Everyone is required to bring two days worth of period looking rations and water. Todd is bringing some loaves of black bread and I'm bringing some summer sausage and cheese for a squad lunch.
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