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started by: Aldrich

Posted by Aldrich on Mar. 09 2016,18:08
Given the cancellation of the last event due to low RSVP's, we should figure out where we are with this event.  We should also consider if we want to promote this event, along with how we would go about doing so.
Posted by ba64 on Mar. 16 2016,18:12
We have listed some of our events on the WW2AA site, but I don't know how many players we picked up from that site. In the last 7-8 years I know I've had at least 2 new members joint MOA after contacting me from WW2AA. We also tried the Wi. Airsoft Convention and the Mn. Airsoft Convention as recruiting events. Apoc events have brought in a few WW2 players, but not many seem willing to travel north. One of our problems seems to be keeping players long term.
Posted by Ersatzjack on Mar. 17 2016,01:15
Well I'm going to try again later in August at the Black River Falls location.  It will be warmer, the host will be there, and hopefully we can have two armored cars duking it out which should raise interest somewhat.  But I really feel that you can't expect folks to stay with this forever as tastes change and without new blood we don't survive.  Working against that is I feel the economy, and a certain feeling of malaise gripping people.  I hope it changes.  Maybe these emoticons will help.   :D     :cool:   :)   :p
Posted by Aldrich on Mar. 17 2016,14:12
I agree.  I find that the one thing all the long timers have in common is that we all have a dedicated interest in WWII that keeps us hooked.  However, that is another topic on its own.  My intention with this post was to get a consensus on whether or not we wanted to promote this specific event on other forums/to other groups, or if we want to keep this initial event small and "within the family," so to speak, as it is our first run of it.  I took some initiative and did some personal invites which has garnered some interest for the German team.  But I have not advertised our event on any other forums other than the one here.
Posted by ersatzjack2 on Mar. 18 2016,11:38
We'll be doing some reenacting before August and hopefully the two armored car appearance will allow for some additional first time blank fire guys (at least on the German team).  I'm ok with small as long as we can get 12-15 players.  Less than that would make vehicle and infantry support somewhat difficult.
Posted by ba64 on Mar. 18 2016,19:49
I'm OK with Ostwind being promoted on other sites. I do want to keep the uniform and weapons standards high, WW2 only and details like period wrapped rations VS cans of soda and bags of corn ships for lunch.

Ostwind will be more of a field craft/MILSIM event then a come as you are BB slinging event.

I now have 400 yards of comm wire on a US metal reel and 2 more field phones to clean up and test. Each side will have a pair of phones and 100 yards of comm wire for the OP.

My PPsh-40 came in the mail today from EVIKE so now I have a true Russian airsoft weapon and a springer 1903A3 rifle for my US Army more captured weapons for me!

Posted by Rekkon on Mar. 19 2016,21:31
It *was* amusing when I had more PPShs than the entire Russian team.
Posted by Aldrich on Mar. 21 2016,22:20
In the name of event promotion, I have created a facebook group.  Hopefully it will get some visibility.  If you are not already a member of the group, please consider joining and please also consider posting any updates or anything that may garner interest in this event  (ex:  Hey guys, just picked up field radios for this event!)  to the group page.  


Posted by Ersatzjack on Mar. 24 2016,00:50
Congrats on the new weapon purchase Boris.  Even if it is more firepower, I am happy that it is a non-M14 rifle.  I have a pair of phones too (no wire) if that is needed.  I've never used them but I could dust them off.
Posted by Rekkon on Mar. 29 2016,19:25
I am sure Troy and I will be talking about this during the drive to Swift Fox Thursday.
Posted by ba64 on Apr. 06 2016,18:43
"Operation Ostwind" a 24 hour WW2 continuous fieldcraft and training event for the 2016 season.

May 13th, Fri. self reg. and inspections start at 12:00 noon followed by a road march and patrol base set up. ( DO NOT BE LATE )
May 14th, Sat. Training and living like WW2 soldiers in the field.
Camp tear down later in the afternoon. Return to the parking lot.
* Bio BBs on county land.
* All trash packed out.
* No fires in the county forest.

Location: Levis/Trow Mound Recreation Area
N1589 Fisher Ave.  Neillsville, WI. 54456
* Self Reg. for forest camping per night/per tent is $7.00
* Bring water, period rations and your period camp gear for a 24 hour stay in the forest.

Now is the time for a fresh RSVP listing. I have had 12 people show an interest over the last year. Let's update the list:

1. Todd M.

1. Mike A.
2. Matt S.

US Army
1. Troy B.

After talking with 3 other MOA members, we are now making this event a Multi National WW2 MilSim Training Event. This means we will road march (orderly walk) together and set up 1 patrol base together.  All field craft training will be done as 1 group. There will still be the required uniform and gear list to follow. Only WW 2 weapons and packaged rations allowed.

Please confirm your RSVP by April 30th, 2016  VIA PM to Boris.
If you or a friend are unsure do to missing uniform items or gear, please ask about loaner gear or for sale items.

Posted by Aldrich on Apr. 06 2016,21:01
For the sake of evening out teams, consider me able to come as either Russian or German, possibly American.  Whatever needs it most as the event approaches
Posted by Ersatzjack on May 06 2016,13:26
I had the dates screwed up in my mind and was there today all ready to go.  Ha-ha.  Pathetic.  Anyhow, I did get a chance to see the set-up and it looks pretty nice.  I think this will be fun --- only next week.  :p
Posted by ba64 on May 10 2016,19:00
I have updated our event RSVP/roster list to reflect the loss in numbers. Due to a death in the family, vacation time getting pulled last minute and  life just getting in the way of our hobbies, we are now down to only 4 confirmed for the Ostwind event May 13-15th.
Posted by Rekkon on May 11 2016,08:45
Have fun guys.

(ba64 @ May 10 2016,19:00)
Due to a death in the family, vacation time getting pulled last minute and  life just getting in the way of our hobbies, we are now down to only 4 confirmed for the Ostwind event May 13-15th.

And inconvenient distance.

Posted by Aldrich on May 11 2016,11:45
Unless I hear otherwise, I will be there.
Posted by ba64 on May 12 2016,07:39
I will be there at 12 noon Fri.13th for self register camping and check-in. This event will now be a 24 hour in the field so people can pack a little lighter. I have updated the RSVP/Info post.
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