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started by: Aldrich

Posted by Aldrich on Nov. 02 2016,10:49
With the end of the year approaching, what are our thoughts on having an Ostwind event for 2017?  

I would be very open to the idea.  I like the theme, and the location is superb.  I think we were able to get some good scouting down this past spring that opened up many possibilities.  I would also be open to having a regular event on the land as well.  It is a great field.

Posted by Fritz Moos on Nov. 05 2016,07:12
Sounds great!
It would be great kickoff for MOA 2017!


Posted by ba64 on Nov. 09 2016,19:32
The shelter area we had lunch in last time is gone! The building was struck by lighting and burnt to the ground taking with it the flush toilets and running water. I do not know if the county has plans to rebuilt or not. The parking lot and land is still there to use. To hold a truly great Ostwind event, we will need at least 16 people, 20 total would be even better to do all of the training and field activities. 10 people total will not be enough to have 2 squads per side and will end up being airsoft with period camping.
Posted by Ersatzjack on Nov. 09 2016,22:54
It won't be such a grand undertaking as Ostwind but I will see if in spring 2017, we can get access to those acres I spoke about last year near Black River Falls.  It's time for some kind of event.  I'll keep you all posted.
Posted by Hunter on Nov. 11 2016,22:42
Is ostwind your MILSIM style multi-day event?
Posted by ba64 on Nov. 12 2016,16:34
Yes, Ostwind is our multi day WW2 Russian Front event that is based on the Eastwind Cold War event system.
Posted by Hunter on Nov. 13 2016,19:03
How many days is it, and where will the location most likely be? Trying to see if maybe my group could make it..
Posted by ba64 on Nov. 14 2016,15:52
The Topic Title / Info for Ostwind is all listed below Ostwind 2017.  Event Promotion has the location from last year. Q & A, Climate Data, Required Gear, What to Expect and Research Info. We do not plan to re-invent the wheel. The only thing that will change is the date, number of people who attend and we are going to try and get a waiver for limited period truck use. We would like to see this run a lot like Eastwind was but with WW 2 squad tactics, training and field activities. If the Russian and German numbers are low, we my invite the Americans and do a East meets West theme.
Posted by Hunter on Nov. 14 2016,23:45
Sounds good. Ive been in contact with Matt and I met you Troy at Rockford. Me and my WW2 airsoft group are looking to start something very similar to this in the Kansas Area, and would love to try and come to your Ostwind event. I saw the date last time was May 13-15. Most of us go the University of Kansas and that would be our finals week. Is there any chance you'll host it this time perhaps a week later?
Thanks, Hunter

Posted by ba64 on Nov. 16 2016,18:28
2017 is already filling up with events. The 3rd and 4th weekends in May are booked. I could move it to the 1st weekend of May or push it back to the 1st weekend of June. How many do you think would be willing to drive up? Do all of you do just German? If Ostwind was a 72 hour field event rather than a 48 hour, would it be more worth the trip?
I really need 16 players to have 2 squads on each side. The 2 squad leaders on each side would also be the command staff/training NCOs. 20 people would flesh out the sides nicely.

Posted by Hunter on Nov. 19 2016,12:05
I'll try and talk with them and see what would work best. It's hard to determine this far out. 3 days would definitely be more worth it for us I believe its a little over a 8 or 9 hour drive. I've started a WWII group down here in NE Kansas, and posted it in your non-MOA events threads. Maybe some other guys from my group could make it up there as well. I'll try and find out as soon as possible.
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