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started by: Ersatzjack

Posted by Ersatzjack on Oct. 17 2007,00:38
I think I'd like this thread to present weapons available to new members.  I make custom K98's and this is important because there is no decent skirmishable K98 currently made.  So while pricey, they are very skirmishable and will serve you well should you need one.  If they are shown then they are available right now.  If not, then private message me and I'll see what I can do.
Posted by Udo_Schaaf on Oct. 17 2007,13:54
I can attest to the accuracy of these guns as the proud owner of Mike's first model.  Someday I hope to upgrade to one of his more recent pieces.
Posted by ersatzjack2 on Oct. 17 2007,14:14
Wow!  If I didn't have a K98 of my own I would buy that baby in a heartbeat.  Ok, Ok, I'm joking of course.  I don't need to talk them up like I have seen in other threads when people are trying to sell stuff and they get their friends to oooh and aaaahh on the boards.  It is such a juvenile tactic.  Seriously, Mike built me a beautiful K98 (455fps with .2's) and his guns are real steel and wood and worth every penny.  I know he makes nothing on them but simply wants our unit to be equipped with the best.
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