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started by: Finn Mertens

Posted by Finn Mertens on May 21 2014,19:25
Hey guys, I'm just wondering what sort of surplus jackboots can be used for a German impression.  I found a pair of German post-war jackboots that fit like a glove, that aren't the E. German production.  They feature very fine black leather, leather sole w/rubber tread for the forward portion & heel irons for the back.  They look like this:

< >

Are these acceptable?

Posted by Ersatzjack on May 22 2014,08:23
Those look fine.  Perhaps those are officer's boots but maybe not.  But better than many wear and so allowed in my book.  :)
Posted by ersatzjack2 on May 22 2014,08:27
They look comfortable.  They are used West German.  I've seen worse in impressions.  They're fine for Airsoft and probably fine for HRS events although technically they aren't proper reproductions.  If you have a Safety and Authenticity Officer who is having a bad day they could call you on it.  How much are they and will they fit you?
Posted by ba64 on May 22 2014,13:06
    Once the shine wears off in the field they will be OK. It's nice to see the heal plates are on them. East German post war boots come with rubber heals. For the Neillsville High Grounds WW 2 Camp on June 27-28th I will be a US Army 1st. Inf.Div. soldier. I can bring my whole German kit as a loaner for you.

The High Ground
W7031 Ridge Road
Neillsville, Wi. 54456

* There will be signs up .

Posted by Finn Mertens on May 22 2014,21:22
That's excellent, thanks Troy, I really appreciate it!

I bought them today from the Sportsman's Guide for only around 35 dollars.  In addition to that, I got an East German enlisted man's belt: so for really cheap, I got the nice weathered look of a used belt, and now just need to buy a repro buckle.  But the boots are hardly worn at all: no creases in the leather even, and fit like a glove.  However, I can't really fit my pants down the shaft of the boot, so I'll need to take them in to a cobbler to get them widened a little bit.  I plan on wearing them everyday to break 'em in by the June event.  Someday I might consider some repro jackboots, as the toe shape difference in these ones is pretty noticeable in my opinion.  

Next on my list is to get an overseas cap, as I just feel like one of those would suit my personal appearance better than an M43 cap.

Posted by Ersatzjack on Dec. 16 2014,14:13
Since uniform discussions have been a bit active I thought I would add this link for proper Jack Boots.

< >

He is reasonably priced considering his level of quality.  I would consider his boots once my Grigsby boots die.

Posted by Finn Mertens on Dec. 16 2014,19:51
Wowee, those are fancy!  They look exactly like originals.
Posted by Fritz Moos on Dec. 17 2014,00:16
These look better than what At the Front was offering and the price quite reasonable.
Since most of the links on the MOA home page are kaput and vendors like Grigsby disappeared owing money for orders, perhaps it is time to update and post new vendors such as this?
While updating, it might be worth considering adding member photos?
With respect,

Posted by Finn Mertens on Dec. 17 2014,17:22
I just ordered a m42 tunic today, I can post pic(s) after it arrives.  I'll need to add my own collar patches and chest emblem however.
Posted by Rekkon on Dec. 20 2014,22:27
If someone wants to go through the links on the homepage and give me an updated list, I can get them updated.
Posted by Ersatzjack on Dec. 21 2014,19:49

(Rekkon @ Dec. 20 2014,22:27)
If someone wants to go through the links on the homepage and give me an updated list, I can get them updated.

Fritz Moos - I believe it was your idea.  :)
Posted by Finn Mertens on Apr. 17 2015,02:59
In addition to getting an M40 based blouse and M42 overseas cap, I recently got some reproduction lowboots from At the  They are decently built, look more authentic than previous batches, and look the best for their price range.

Here they are:
< >

Posted by Rekkon on Apr. 17 2015,08:45
Looking good.  I have some older ATF lowboots I picked up on clearance, but they have not been used enough for me to give a report on their durability (and they may be a different run anyway).  Mine came with cloth laces that were replaced with leather.
Posted by Finn Mertens on Oct. 18 2015,15:47
An update: a lot has been happening in my life since last year, and so my ability to build up an impression has been pretty poor.  I do have a blouse (m40 model) and a good pair of repro lowboots.  Also have a 1942 model overseas cap, pretty much an m43 cap without a bill.

Have to say though, since watching "Generation War" on netflix recently, I've really gotten excited to try to get into this hobby.

Posted by andre on Oct. 18 2015,18:31
Just keep adding to your impression one or two pieces at a time and you will have a decent impression eventually.

It took me almost five years to finally get my impression up to what I think of as "good".

Keep at it and we'll see you on the battlefield soon enough.

Posted by Aldrich on Oct. 18 2015,19:32
Sounds like you are off to a good start!  In the meantime, between me and others, there is plenty of loaner gear/uniforms around.  We can fill in whatever you need to come to an event.
Posted by Finn Mertens on Oct. 19 2015,11:44

(Aldrich @ Oct. 18 2015,19:32)
We can fill in whatever you need to come to an event.

Good deal.  Let's see if any events line up with time off in college.
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