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Topic: Swedish Tunic Conversions
started by: Aldrich

Posted by Aldrich on May 01 2015,10:44
I recently bought five Swedish wool tunics for cheap and am planning on converting these into m43 German tunics for use as rentals.  These are the same tunics that were converted and can be seen on the Germans in the series Band of Brothers.  I, more or less, plan on doing the same thing that they did.  While not perfect, I think they don't look all too bad.


Conversion used in Band of Brothers:

I will post updates as they come along.

Posted by Ersatzjack on May 01 2015,13:49
Having some loaner gear is a great idea.  I recently picked up some extra Y-straps postwar and modified them to look pretty close too.  We can pool our sources and outfit a promising beginner at some point.  :)
Posted by Aldrich on May 01 2015,15:42
If anyone has any spare uniform accessories they are not using that come with repro tunics.  (shoulderboards, insignia, patches, etc.)  I would be possibly interested in taking them off your hands. Let me know.
Posted by Ersatzjack on May 02 2015,00:18
Yes I have a couple items I'll show you at Farmington.
Posted by ba64 on May 02 2015,20:49
I also have some misc uniform items that I will bring to Farmington along with the Russian items.
Posted by Aldrich on May 03 2015,15:16
Thanks!  Anything to help complete the tunics or add a bit of "personality" helps.  We should also, as a group, come up with a comprehensive list of what we have available for rent.  Being able to advertise that we have a base of good rental uniforms could be a good draw for anyone who is on the fence about committing to WWII airsoft.  Browsing around I was also able to source some other photos of the converted tunics.  Not too bad if done right.

Posted by Aldrich on May 16 2015,22:31
After looking at these tunics today this project has been shelved.  The dealer sent me completely different tunics than what were advertised.  The amount of work it would take to convert them would be too much for what it is worth.  I am trying to return them for a full refund.  Apologies to anyone who was following this post.
Posted by Ersatzjack on May 17 2015,13:22
Well you get an "A" for effort and an "F" for your frustration.  Buyer beware.
Posted by Aldrich on May 22 2015,15:41
Well, the dealer has offered me a partial refund for these with the ability to keep them.  If everything works out I may go that route and work with what I have. Here is a rough idea of what I have so far.  Forgive the rough neon green pockets and wrong side for the chest eagle.  They are just there to give a general idea.

Posted by andre on May 22 2015,18:15
Are you planning to cut up a couple of them for parts?
Posted by Aldrich on May 22 2015,19:23
At the moment I am just planning on cutting up one of the tunics.  If I get enough spare fabric from it I may even try to make a m43 cap with the extra if I have enough.  At the very least I will have enough for four tunics total.
Posted by Aldrich on May 25 2015,19:06
Almost done with the first tunic.  Four pockets sewed on, shortened the collar, shortened the tunic, and sewed on the collar litzen.  All I have left to do is to repaint the buttons and sew them on, sew on the shoulderboards, and sew on the breast eagle.  Here is what it looks like so far:

Posted by ersatzjack2 on May 26 2015,10:18
Looks good enough for a loaner to a new recruit.
Posted by Aldrich on May 28 2015,21:37
Final update.  The tunic is now complete.  I added the insignia and made an oberschutze badge to give it a little personality.  Here are the final pics:

Posted by Ersatzjack on May 28 2015,23:41
I think that is a nice solution for an extra tunic for newcomers.  Good work.  :)
Posted by andre on May 29 2015,19:37
Very nice.
Posted by Aldrich on Jul. 04 2015,09:41
Another one done.  This time a m42.  I think for the rest I will be doing m43's since they are easier to do.  Here is the final result:

Posted by Finn Mertens on Oct. 18 2015,15:42

(Aldrich @ Jul. 04 2015,09:41)
Another one done.  This time a m42.  I think for the rest I will be doing m43's since they are easier to do.  Here is the final result:

Wow, that looks really good.  Nice job!
Posted by Finn Mertens on Oct. 19 2015,11:51

(Aldrich @ May 22 2015,15:41)

You know, these, with a bit of work, could probably work as WWI German blouses as well...if you ever get into that.
Posted by Aldrich on Oct. 19 2015,13:54
When searching for options on what I could do with these, I actually saw a few groups who did just that.  However, like you said, it would require quite a bit of work.
Posted by Finn Mertens on Oct. 19 2015,15:21
Sort of makes me regret giving my Swedish jacket to Goodwill: it was the sort with the four pocket front, and it fit me really well...could have had it converted.  Actually, for some weird reason, ALL Swedish surplus in sz.M fits me like it was tailored for me.  All other surplus usually is a hit or miss on an OK fit or not.
Posted by Aldrich on Oct. 20 2015,19:49
Having worked with these, for a main impression you would be best suited with a repro.  Especially since the low price ones can go for as much as $55.  For a loaner kit, however, these work pretty good.  I would say the pants, once modified, would work pretty well for a main impression pair of "beater" pants.
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