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Topic: Combat Airsoft Omaha Beach
started by: Rekkon

Posted by Rekkon on Jul. 06 2015,10:57
Something to consider since they are running it at Big Lake this year.
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Not particularly cheap, and as a themed event, period impressions will be the minority, but it would be a way to wave the MOA flag.  I have it on my schedule to consider, but we will see how I feel after Gencon and four straight weekends of travel.

Posted by andre on Jul. 06 2015,14:26
I'd go.
I'd even go German. :p

Or do we think having Russians imbedded with the Americans is better? ???

Posted by Aldrich on Jul. 06 2015,16:03
I think, for the purpose of advertising the MOA, having both sides represented would be better.  That way people can see examples of both uniforms.guns/equipment.  Otherwise, if we all wanted to be on the same side I can help provider German uniforms.
Posted by Rekkon on Jul. 07 2015,08:27
I have a loaner uniform as well.
Posted by ba64 on Jul. 07 2015,17:22
Aug. 7-8th. is Iola, Wi. and I'm committed to that military show along with Mike and Steve. It would be fun to do an event where the MOA was on one side. Aug. is a busy month: Code Name Thunder Aug. 1-2 *looking for crew*
            Iola Milt. Show Aug. 8-9
            Ft. McCoy MOA Aug. 15-16

Posted by Aldrich on Jul. 07 2015,19:09
Looks like I am out for this event then too.  I will be at Iola
Posted by ba64 on Jul. 09 2015,19:33
Combat Airsoft Omaha Beach Event, Battle of the  Bulge is a rather confusing way to post an event.  Maybe CAOB event: Battle of the Bulge would be better?

We should watch for others in this series, if there is a series of them planned? I would like to do one of their events as a MOA team.

Posted by Rekkon on Aug. 05 2015,04:29
I believe the organizer ran one of these a year when he owned his own field.  I do not know if they missed one or more years before moving to Big Lake, but I would expect another one in 2016.

My attendance to this is now uncertain.  I caught a dose of con crud at GenCon and am still fighting it off.  I will see how I feel in a few days.

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