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Topic: A Time for Glory
started by: Ersatzjack

Posted by Ersatzjack on Jan. 31 2016,20:15
So I have the dates picked out and approval set for the first airsoft event in awhile and that will be on the new property near Taylor, WI which is several hundred acres.  This will be arrival on Friday night for those interested.  There is a fire pit and otherwise tents or cars will be your quarters.  Saturday we'll play and I have yet to work out the details of that.

I need to know who is interested.  I predict this could become a favorite map for us.  PM me with interest and I'll forward the address and directions.  This is invite only for this first time as I want to make sure we make a good impression.  East Front only for uniforms.

I'll update as I know and this can be posted to the webpage. - Otto

Posted by Aldrich on Feb. 01 2016,11:20
I am interested in this.  I can do either side as needed.
Posted by andre on Feb. 01 2016,20:51
So interested, count me in.
Posted by ersatzjack2 on Feb. 03 2016,13:18
Count me in as German. :)   Mike has really talked up this map and I am looking forward to this first event there.  Lots of interesting terrain and roads for future armored games.

I don't believe Mike posted the date for this first one.  I think it is sometime in March so posting the exact date might help interest and commitment levels.

Posted by Aldrich on Feb. 03 2016,14:53
The date is in the title for the thread.  Took me a bit to find too.  It is March 18th-19th.
Posted by ersatzjack2 on Feb. 04 2016,23:53
You're being kind.  The date was there and I missed it.  Now Mike will have another thing to point out to me, that I can't read a simple post.  Sheeesh, I wish I was quicker on the uptake. :)
Posted by ba64 on Feb. 05 2016,15:51
I'll be there and can run as Soviet or German to help balance out the sides.
Posted by Terd Ferguson on Feb. 21 2016,22:18
Sounds cool, but I'm out of the country at that time. :(
Posted by Rekkon on Feb. 24 2016,09:53
How are numbers looking for this?
Posted by Ersatzjack on Feb. 24 2016,19:00
I plan to PM location and other information during next week with instructions.  I'm currently distracted by other events which happen before this.  But will provide an update via PM to interested parties in coming days.  :)
Posted by Ersatzjack on Mar. 02 2016,11:50
Sadly this event is cancelled.  With only five participants and other intervening factors I would just as soon devote my energies to other pursuits.  The other intervening factors are insertion of an unplanned event in Big Lake, MN the previous weekend for filming scenes for an upcoming web series on WWII and the absence of the landowner on the weekend in question due to his departure on family business.  I wanted him to be there for the event which would have added creature comforts.  I plan to host in August at this site so we will have another opportunity this year and perhaps the 222 will be complete by then (it will be) and available to stoke interest.  If we get better participation (I could see hosting with at least 10-players to attend) then it will be game on.  I apologize to members who changed their schedules to attend this but I was expecting a better turnout and for the reasons already covered I just don't want people spending money and time attending an event that is so small.  Perhaps like a failed TV series, we've (MOA) run our course.  But August should tell the tale.
Posted by Cpl_Mills on May 02 2016,22:45
Well That is too bad. I would have gone and I know Tom would have as well. My job has brought me back to the area so it is easier for me to attend events vs before when I was living in AZ.

I think events should go on even with low numbers, there has been plenty of events I went to back when the WW2AA 1st came around that had some low numbers, but because of kick ass AARs, pics and vids shot at events it generates interest. Sure there will be a few events with the core people that make up this hobby, but we need fresh posts on boards glowing with how much fun it is to get people interested.

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