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started by: ba64

Posted by ba64 on May 14 2016,20:08
Ostwind has come and gone with the US Infantry, Soviet and German Armies having members present. We ate lunch at the picnic tables under overhead cover after finishing registration. When the rain stopped we  explored the high ground and trails to the south then completed the 1 mile road march to the patrol base. After the tents were all set up we went on a long patrol, a mile into the forest as the crow flies but by foot is was a bit longer. A lot of scouting for high ground and areas to cross water. The day ended with another mile long road march back to camp followed by a period meal and drying socks by the fire. Morning came with some sun shire but quickly clouded up for breakfast. We had a very light snow shower while taking down the camp. The event ended with another 1 mile road march back to the parking lot. Some lessons were learned: pack less food and do pack 1 more blanket. The magnets in a AEGs motor will mess with your compass if they are too close to each other. Last but not least, the Soviets have an interesting form of trading cards!
Thank you Todd and thank you Matt.

Posted by Ersatzjack on May 15 2016,17:04
Unbelievable.  I tip my hat to you three.  Freezing temps and rain and no amenities.  That's hardcore.  I bet the clean up felt amazing on Saturday afternoon.
Posted by ersatzjack2 on May 16 2016,20:49
Yes, I agree with Ersatzjack.  You guys are devoted.  

Is there going to be another immersion event like this?

Posted by ba64 on Jun. 03 2016,21:10
Most likely there will be a Ostwind 2. The 3 of us scouted out some camp locations for the Germans that we might be able to get permission to drive a troop truck to with all of the heavy camping gear.
Posted by Ersatzjack on Jun. 04 2016,11:35
Sounds good.  Keep me posted.
Posted by Fritz Moos on Jun. 04 2016,22:32
Sounds GREAT!  Please keep me posted!
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