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Topic: “Zheleznaya Ruda” (Kostya Pastukhov)
started by: Iron Will

Posted by Iron Will on Feb. 11 2012,01:32
Kostya Pastukhov was born in 1917, to a family of farmers in southern Siberia. As his mother was unable to have another child after his birth, Kostya's father expected his son to work hard enough to make up for his lack of siblings. His life took an unfortunate turn in 1931 when his parents resisted Stalin's collectivization initiatives and were shot. Pastukhov was spared as he was visiting relatives in Novosibirsk at the time. After their deaths, he lived with his relatives and eventually began working at a factory until 1939, when he was drafted to fight in the Winter War. His dogged determination while fighting on the Mannerheim Line earned him the nickname “Zheleznaya Ruda” (Iron Will) among his fellow soldiers. Later, while advancing on Finnish forces, he fell into a trench and broke his leg. Due to poor medical treatment, his leg did not heal properly and Pastukhov spent over a year recovering from his injury. He was called back to duty in 1941 to participate in the Soviet Counter-Offensive.
Posted by Fritz Moos on Feb. 11 2012,07:39
Well done!
I especially like the "dogged determinism"
I wonder what that translates to in Russian.

With respect,

Posted by ersatzjack2 on Feb. 11 2012,08:03
Good job Will.
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