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As the 3 PZGR grows it's important that we communicate openly and honestly about our standards for authenticity.  If standards become unwritten or mysterious, people may not understand them and hard feelings can arise.  In the spirit of open disclosure here are some tips for what's acceptable in the 3 PZGR.

Ultimately the "Authenticity Requirements" posted on the public website are a good measure of what's in and what's out.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the authenticity standards:

The 3 PZGR believes that high standards results in attracting great recruits.  However, unlike some "hardcore" reenacting organizations, we don't expect you to get there overnight.  The important thing is that you have a PLAN for continuous improvement given your priorities and budget constraints.    

Please focus on building out your core impression before investing in “nice to have” ancillary items.  For example, the breadbag, canteen, and helmet should be purchased before an overcoat or pistol.  Likewise, proper footwear should be on your “to buy” list before adding a second weapon to your arsenal.  Most of this is common sense and it’s important that we show consistency with the basics of our impressions.

Similarly, please do not waste your money on “filler” gear to supplement your impression.  If you can’t afford the correct item, don’t spend your hard earned dollars on something that does not have a long term place in your impression.  Most modern and post war gear would fall into this category.  If it’s not right leave it at home rather than bring it along.

Partisan impressions are a great "gateway" into our hobby but do not represent a permanent impression path.  The goal should be to pursue a full military impression (Russian or German).  In general we expect a partisan to begin collecting the kit for a full military impression after 2-3 events.  After this initial "trial" period, substantial investments should start to appear at successive events (uniform parts, field gear components, ww2 weapon, etc).

Squad leaders (Franz for Gruppe East and Udo for Gruppe West) will be on the lookout for recruits who are “coasting,” meaning  that they haven’t made any improvement for some time when significant gaps still exist in their basic impression.  These discussions should happen one-on-one and in private.  Every recruit’s situation is different and public humiliation is not an acceptable means of communicating progress (or lack thereof) to a recruit.  

Since the 3 PZGR is not an official organization with dues or membership, the primary motivator for improving is largely personal.  Remember, your comrades have made significant investments to “do it right” and part of fitting in with any lose social group is following the rules.  If you cut corners and pursue a path that is not in alignment with the majority, resentment against you may build.

Once a recruit has purchased his entire basic impression from reputable vendors, he’s done.  There are no requirements to purchase any items outside of your basic summer uniform and equipment.  Anything else you’d like to add is up to you.  We do, however, strongly suggest building an alternate allied impression (Russian) if you’ve every piece of German kit your heart desires and you still have money burning a hole in your pocket.

We strongly request recruits to actively seek the feedback of their squad leader.  All feedback will provided in absolute confidence and he can also assist you in prioritizing what items you should pursue next.


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Just to clarify.  If you want to build an American or British or Italian impression and show at events that is totally acceptable but for now the two organized units are Russian and German.  If after a bit we decide to include West Front forces you might have a page on the website but not just yet.  The forum is for WWII enthusiasts and so has more open membership.


"Oh... airsoft?; WW2 airsoft?... you'll love it, and the best thing is it doesn't cost much at all... just so long as you go the chairsofting route."
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