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Born June 16th 1915 Oleg Zhivetin was the youngest of three.  A surprise baby 10 and 6 years younger than his respective siblings he was a perfectly average student known better for his sense of direction than academic achievement. He did well enough to get into Leningrad State University graduating with a degree in geography with average grades of 3's.  He went on to make maps for the city then teach geography to teenagers at the outbreak of war.  He was originally drafted in 1943 and entered the 65th rifle division.  All that is remembered by his immediate officers was:

- His knowledge of revolutionary songs he forced captured German soldiers to sing.

- Never being threatened to be shot for retreating.

- Staying alive despite being sent with only a clip for a lend lease American Thompson he would have to find from a dead comrade on the field.

- Being a good soldier to trade to 198th for a week's worth  of their surplus commandeered Pierogis.  

His new commander had him ditch his found Thompson and gave him Katja, the unit's DP machine gun that served them through the winter war in Finland. That and small bag of Pierogis in hand he has survived with the 198th with 12 nonvital gunshot wounds.  

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