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Fritz was born in his family's ancestral home on the foothills of the Bavarian Alps known as Mooslanherkopf in 1898.

Fritz's father, a woodworker was killed under a shifted lumber load and was raised by his grandfather who was the "Jäger Meister" - hunt master and woodsman of the area.

Due to Fritz's assuming the sole responsibility to support the family at an early age as well as the remoteness of the non-political location Fritz was not conscripted in WWI.

It was left to Fritz's grandfather to mentor him as a master woodworker and expert marksman and hunt master for the area.

Feeding his family in the hard times of the post WW1 depression Fritz sought hunting the mountain's game and also as solace to the disturbing political upheavals.

Although too old for conscription in WWII, Fritz was forced into military service due to his exceptional marksmanship to pass these skills along to advanced sniper training classes.

Unfortunately being unaccustomed to being demanded to follow orders of anyone of higher rank rather than someone who earned his respect he was quickly demoted, stripped of his teaching duties and sent to the front.

Being the oldest and the most skilled in field craft as well as shooting he was repeatedly thrust into the midst of combat roles despite his insubordination

However on more than one occasion when an over zealous or inexperienced non-com or officer ordered him and the rest of his squad to fight to further his own personal glory rather than tactical gain, the officer or non-com was mysteriously killed in action by unknown enemy fire before the damnably stupid order could be carried out.

Although no inquiry could prove any wrongdoing and supported by his peers, subsequent commanding officers allowed Fritz the free reign of his own role as a lone wolf sniper, both due to his impressive tally of kills and their own self-preservation ...

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